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quiet supports
backing stress held in tendons

your nerve endings
forever acting under pressure

file issue after issue
beneath tissue wound taut

connect it all
accept bodily condition


[post-summer] three

it has been a long summer
and you are asking if
I can walk through sound with you
and you are asking if
you can walk through sights with me
it would be a pleasure you see
I have not seen enough
and I could get more familiar
with the gallery rhythm
my eyes are absorbing everything all at once
so I need to hold onto you
for a moment if you don’t mind
expressionist dizzy me
latching onto
abstract steady you
what is a canvas
but a space to fall into
the snare of brushstrokes
from endless angles
begged for you
to fall into its embrace
I stood back in white noise
to be engulfed or to escape
knowing what these works were capable of
you stepped forward
looking for beauty to destroy you


Gravity doesn’t hold well on fallacy. 
You look heavy, 
but you don’t seem to have a problem 
with falling off the face of the earth. 
Did it hurt? 
When you fell from the atmosphere, 
gasping fire into your coal lungs? 
No wonder you burst back up. 
I could only drag my feet,
so anchored to the concrete,
as you floated to space. 
It hurt. 
When I stood grounded, 
gasping water into my flared lungs. 
How could I surface 
being so heavy? 
I let go of fallacy.

so what

thread through your small sight
puncturing yards of wholesale
to wake up image