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strain sugar through my throat
sweet nothings mean nothing
even in the deepest tone
we are trying to resonate
a little more
a little more out of silent cords
whet your tongue
and never deliver your course
but regurgitate every feeling sparingly
into starving mouths
I feel sick
downing granulated plosives
rupturing my stomach



in candlelight, his shape defies still form.
warmth taps dormant tongues into fleeing words
extending withheld emotion.
trembling in fabric-kissed skin,
he held the artist’s hands to find stability in his touch.

uncertain whispers beg the question.
heavy head flickering against his chest,
he folds under his own stillness.

[post-summer] one

I am wondering
who you are
and what you do
as I figure out
who I am
and what to do.
how uncalm is your approach?
I feel your insides shaking
from across the room,
but I am also too caught up
in creating someone
I need people to see.
I would later find out
that I could just be,
and you are trembling
from uncertainty and trivial pursuits.
how do you code conviction?
how do you compose correction?
something is binding you
the same way I am binding myself,
and we are all asking to move forward,
but is it that easy
when you are facing the world alone?
you never thought about the pieces
you would have to pick up
after yourself,
after others.
the summer heat would have melted
all of it
away from your head.
you hide in bed
while I am hiding in books
that have yet to be read.