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everything is architecture, my dear. everything from your grassroot warehouses to this umbrella I hold to avoid sunlight. the striations take form too even in your absence.


re: negative

i am simply losing it between frames & bits that haven’t translated properly to your eyes to your ears re-use this teabag twenty times over to memorize & dilate aroma i know how to clutch onto details until my hands shake from letting go but if you leave for dear life i will scale seas to pretend i am alright i would fake being alright for your own sake because you couldn’t handle the weight of anyone’s sadness if you were the cause of it but I can understand armour derived from anger up against broken thought hitting transparent walls far from getting off off of sad remainders you look you look you go

meta maybe.

I find myself reading about science and math that I may never truly understand when it comes to the technicalities. What I’m interested in is how it translates into life and how we articulate with each other. I suppose this is because I used to think too much on the technical aspects of things, and I felt restricted in some way. Knowing theory is great, but I also think it’s fantastic to break away from all of the principles and just be.