Monthly Archives: January 2015


flourish and transform
into beasts so eager
to feed on high delicacy



to walk into your desperation
as lushly as the air begged
proved to be near impossible.
sighs escaped your mouth
like sand spilling down
an antique hourglass.
I stepped toward the well
and anxiously filled my bucket
water did not sate my thirst,
it only choked your time.

fall for cold

I woke up,
inhaling fluorescence
before the sun rose.
I glanced over
and thought,
you are beautiful,
but I can only keep you
for as long as the seasons allow.
how quickly your colours change
while I am foolishly trying to catch
falling leaves that the city streets
never seem to meet.
before I knew it,
frost was nipping at my nose.
I fought cold by pushing you into the snow,
but I found myself falling along with you.
snowflakes adorned your cheeks,
so flushed already
that I had no time to kiss them
as they were already melting.