Monthly Archives: July 2014

stay with me

stay with me. 
I have never heard those words 
spoken to me. 
not until I fainted 
from a state of panic, 
knowing that Jesus 
never had to worry 
about tetanus. 
my. god. 
a few seconds can seem 
like an eternity 
when you’re in too deep. 
to think that shots 
used to phase me. 
I’d gladly take them all 
to muster up my words 
and tell you to stay 
because who knows 
when the rust 
will bring my decay?



Gravity doesn’t hold well on fallacy. 
You look heavy, 
but you don’t seem to have a problem 
with falling off the face of the earth. 
Did it hurt? 
When you fell from the atmosphere, 
gasping fire into your coal lungs? 
No wonder you burst back up. 
I could only drag my feet,
so anchored to the concrete,
as you floated to space. 
It hurt. 
When I stood grounded, 
gasping water into my flared lungs. 
How could I surface 
being so heavy? 
I let go of fallacy.

so what

thread through your small sight
puncturing yards of wholesale
to wake up image

format matters

would you get school-fed already
back and forth to get your understanding
withstanding tiresome hours spent on your desktop
when does it click
how many clicks to get your understand on
how many hits to get your head off
the computations juggle your skull
like a whirring fan struggling
to calm your constant beeping
key smashing times new roman
like your english teacher told you
indents straight into your brain
is it in your right
or is it in your left
there’s nothing left
but the constant run of keys
while you’re sitting at your desk