is that an expression of enthusiasm
or false regards?
the text tells me nothing.
a string of o’s without
punctuation does nothing
to puncture my feelings.
it simply jabs white space
into my skull,
reaching my occipital.
I bet you would find that humorous,
tickling your funny bone.
but no.
I do not know
how I am supposed to speak to you
because I am a novice
at speaking medical,
never having gone to the doctor
enough times to catch on to that tongue.
so I simply stick out my tongue
and take your replies as tomfoolery.
it’s a case of you or me,
no longer we,
and my twin fish heart
never ceases to swim against it.
I wish I could woo you.
I want to pull exclamation points
from your soul
so I can feel your vowels’
true resonance.
can I do it again?
can my words lend truth?
can they move you?
when you started lacking punctuation,
shots were fired
straight into my chest,
but I wouldn’t draw the arrow out
for fear of losing the last thing
you left me.


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