Monthly Archives: April 2014

is it the little things?

too busy to look at the big picture 
I forget to catch the bouquet 
for my hands grasp at tattered flowers 

it’s the little things that destroy me


desserts can dance

I used to think that meringue
was pronounced merengue
because the tart sweetness
always twirled on my tongue.
I was young,
thinking that taste could
bring me total color.
But I didn’t know what taste was
until I tasted you.
Plush lips that faded my eyes
in pink perfection
with the surprise of lemon
yellow, waking my head
like a summer sunrise.
You know how to love,
and you love right.
I knew it as soon as
the butterflies billowed
up into my chest.
I swore my lungs
could have collapsed.
you leave me.
And my heart beats
in soft peaks.


how am I supposed to speak
when pretense closes in
and takes me in a chokehold
measly hellos simply
won’t do anymore
will they?
you are far gone
from the dark night
to the edge of daybreak
where no one can help
but wait
on their whims
while the sun
beckons through
your very own windows
but you shut the blinds
in a crashing cascade
of doubt
when all you want is out
while failing to step out
of your walls
we have to break them all
but I don’t dare touch
fine architecture
so I guess
it’s time to disappear
until we find a place so free
until then
I will scale the bindings
and meet you there

status select

with a simple click
you’re in a relationship
and with another
you’re suddenly out
or you justify your troubles
by saying
it’s complicated
what does that even mean
i’d much rather be
than married
if it’s for the sake
of the kids
who shouldn’t have
to worry about it
but what am i saying
i don’t know what it means
to be separated
unless it’s by distance
or circumstance
i wish it would stay blank


call me hun one more time
and I’ll show you how sweet I can be
now would you just listen to me

I’ve got a sweet head you say
a prize never to be won
so where’s the fun

it’s in my actions
sometimes surprisingly more than my words
which have yet to be heard

so call me hun one more time
and then you’ll see
just how sweet I can be