love in question? there is no question

have you ever been in love?
truly in love? like madly,
she asked.
I am,
but we cannot be.
the sad truth fell off my tongue
and landed in my hands
I wished there were
no but’s about it
so I threw away the conjunction
and simply admitted
yes, I am
there is no doubt about it
as much as I’ve wanted
to fight off the feeling
every morning
memories open my eyes
like butterfly kisses
I couldn’t tell you
how much I miss
the dragons that
swarm my stomach
and light my heart
on fire
at the sight of you
much less the thought of you
my entire being burns up
so in love
I am still
as a seismic wave
rocking the ground
beneath heavy feet
but you give my ankles
the lightest of wings
and I can soar again
despite my achilles’ heel
which I’ve tended to
but never healed
you make me want to feel
and that is more than enough
for me to keep fighting
and to keep flying
my nerves don’t even need
to attest to that
my heart already has
if only I could land
without the inevitable crash
we are all so prone to
but what is love
without crashing
will you please
soften my landing


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