Monthly Archives: February 2014


the bags beneath your eyes
always make me question
whether or not
we were meant to sleep
there is never enough time
in the day
to finish what needs to be finished
maybe that’s why
some of us stay up
to catch the star
that will grant our wish


I want to wait, but am I too late

my mind is a time-bomb
ready to explode
when I’m left alone with
seconds to spare
as the heat rises to my cheeks
and the buzz sits behind my eyes
my heart begins to rush
as I forget to breathe
clenching my jaw
and grinding my teeth
I need to tell myself
to calm down
before I suffocate
over wondering if
I’m too late
should I wait

wake up call

what’s a drive compared to a flight
over close to a thousand miles
for a time spent in smiles
he has seen it all this time
you don’t just keep space
and let it

he can’t give you a single thing
he can’t put your life in swing
how do you triple toe through this
so easily
he must be that easy
he must be so measly
not even a 540 could switch me

how is it so easy


if you called for me again
I would drop everything
and run back to you
the pretty pink haze in my head
returns each time I see you
may I be with you
the haze wells up into my eyes
and everything runs red
I don’t like to count tears shed
it’s like an amsler grid test
clicking to no end

A kiss is not all it takes.

We were alone in the hallway, and I was more than coherent. While on the floor, she had offered me to drink more, but I have a rule of stopping after one. She continued on. She wanted to dance, so we danced. I think the sound engulfed me before her movement could. I could feel the bass in my mouth. My chest was already full of her smile and laughter. I moved as best as I could with her. How long can anyone dance in a sea of bodies? It confuses me.

She took me out into the hallway. Her hand held on tightly to mine, fingers intertwined. It felt as though she was about to fall over if she took another step. I stopped and took hold of her shoulders. Her eyes were glazed over.

I asked her if she was alright.

Before I knew it, her lips were on mine.

I kissed back. I didn’t know why.

She pulled away, taking a deep breath.

“You don’t remember.”

What didn’t I remember?

I was more than coherent. What was there to remember?