Monthly Archives: January 2014

from my bag

call me up and
verify your street
be not afraid
just follow
kick up dust,
knock down 612 houses,
ok okay,
if it’s killing you,
it’s in,
if in kills,
let yourself yell



I want you to know
that whenever I sit down to write
I always think of you
when I have no ideas
and when the words don’t flow
I always think of you
because I write best when I do
all else is a passing muse

I want to know
if whenever you sit down and read
do you ever think of me
when you meet new characters
and when the plot runs slow
do you ever think of me
because that’s all I ever do
or am I just a passing muse

from one to another

I shook your hand
and I looked straight into your eyes
my god, you have such pretty eyes
and you are dressed so damn well
it should be deemed illegal
“nice to meet you too”,
just sweep me off my feet
why don’t you
but what am I saying
you are much too fantastic
I could feel the wavelength
through our hands
so accustomed to a fine touch
never crushing notes
into dust

stop. don’t stop. don’t. stop.

If I ever stop writing poetry or even writing altogether,
I may inexplicably punch myself in the heart
because it would kill me even further to hold the words in
when I barely speak at all
My dove heart fluttered haphazardly through my throat
leaving me speechless
I can only ink pieces
upon pieces
of the rhymes I’ve dropped
Who is going to be touched
by my scheme next?
Whose emotion is going to
fly out of their chest?
Did I not write enough words
to keep a steady plot?
Even Lucifer thinks I’m
burning too hot.
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
If I ever bring my pen too far,
will you tell me to stop?