Dear Bandmate


“Can’t this weekend.
Best friend
In a shooting.”
Was the text that shifted my gears.
Was it anyone I knew?
Big, yet small town, you know.
My newsfeed told me.
I knew her. We knew her.
We marched together
For countless hours
If nothing else
We knights were bound
By the tempo
That we so painstakingly
Kept together
We were prepared for
Subjective scores and titles
Bated breath in bleachers
Constructive and sometimes cynical
But nothing could have prepared us
For gunshots
We only knew rimshots
So it hit us harder
Than any sudden accented
There was no use
In covering our ears
Because when we take in sound
We take in sound
And it digs deep
So when we got the news
Each and everyone of us knew
That the music had changed
And heartbeats scattered
For your lost voice
Already out of reach
Dissonance speaks
Terrifying truths
But there is always
A definite resolve
To one
As one
We would play
Beyond box five
And to the high heavens
For you to listen
We all go through evolutions
This is clear
From the darkest of nights
Where we fall and endure nightmares
We have all been there
But we can’t stay there
You wouldn’t want it
So we move on
Up and out of the inferno
To give you our greatest show


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